PRESS RELEASE: TwinStar signs multiple novels from author Drew Brown

TwinStar Media is proud to announce the signing of Drew Brown’s fiction zombie/sci-fi novels (working titles) “Last Hope, Book One: Onsalught” and “Last Hope, Book Two: Revelations!”

The description of the story:

For Budd Ashby, the last day before the end of the world went rather well. He scored a stay in London’s most expensive hotel and spent the night with Juliette, a beautiful French pop star. By the following dawn, however, things are very different. Almost everyone is dead. The power is out and the airwaves are empty. Isolated inside the hotel, the few survivors discover that the rest of London is much the same. And things only get worse. A dense fog descends from the sky, plunging the city streets into darkness. Then, the innumerable-dead return to life, the walking corpses hungry for living flesh. To Budd and Juliette, staying alive seems an impossible task. Only one man knows that mere survival will not be enough. The zombies are simply the beginning, and the real terror is still to come. But, as desperate as it seems, he believes there is a chance to save the world. And whether Budd likes it or not, he is the key. He is mankind’s last hope.

“Last Hope” was originally produced and released independently by Brown.  The story met with great acclaim, with reviewers calling it “a very distinctive read, an exceptional spin on the zombie genre that you simply will not find anywhere else” and “by far the best zombie novel I have read.”

“Last Hope, Book One: Onslaught” is currently in final editing stages and will be released within the next few months.  “Last Hope, Book Two: Revelations” will follow a few months after the release of “Book One,” to ensure readers can stay intimately connected with the exciting storyline.

Drew Brown is a horror fiction writer, living in the United Kingdom with his wife and son.  This will be his first project with TwinStar Media.

TwinStar is thrilled to welcome these products into its catalog.

TwinStar Media is a new media entertainment company with designs to bring you the best and most unique blend of products you love – music, novels, cookbooks, calendars, novellas, fiction, and non-fiction!  Our products are prmarily focused on horror (especially zombies) and science-fiction.

Please visit or to learn more.

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