PRESS RELEASE: TwinStar Media signs fiction novel “Z=mc2: Time-travelin’ Zombies vs. the Jersey Shore” by Kelly Jameson

TwinStar is thrilled to announce the signing of Kelly Jameson’s fiction novel “Z=mc2: Time-travelin’ Zombies vs. the Jersey Shore!”

A brief description of the story:

As if New Jersey didn’t have enough problems already: zombies from the future invade the Pine Barrens through a time portal in a dumpster behind a cheeseburger joint, and it’s up to an eccentric elderly reptile expert and his former-Marine trainee to save the world and their neighbors (and not necessarily in that order).

Ironically, they are joined in the fight against the zombies by a special member of the undead: Einstein’s Zombie has come through the time portal looking for his brain. Extracted from his body during the post-mortem autopsy, the reanimated genius fears his greatest organ is being utilized in a sinister way, and it may have more connection to the impending zompocalypse than anyone realizes.

Boasting a cast of eclectic characters including a sexy news reporter, a twisted rifle-toting Girl Scout, a pot-smoking veterinarian, a 400-pound lawyer named Hilarius Fuchs, a lesbian couple descended from Jersey anarchists, and an OCD schizophrenic who dresses in pink angora and only speaks in Ed Wood movie lines, “Z=mc2 is a tale both poignantly gratuitous and surprisingly insightful as it asks its reader: who’s the real zombie here?

High Praise for “Z=mc2: Time-travelin’ Zombies vs. the Jersey Shore”

“Z=mc2“is a wacky and hilarious slice of zombie goodness. Wicked and deranged, it’s TIME BANDITS meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD with a big dose of just-plain-nuts. Highly recommended!”
- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-seller, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and Marvel Comics writer

“A singular tale of undead mayhem that is at times hilarious, insightful, and delightfully random.  If you’re looking for something significantly different than the standard and tired type of zombie tale, Jameson has created just the story for you.”


Kelly Jameson wrote her first dark suspense novel, “Dead On,” in stolen, sleep-deprived moments, on lunchbreaks, and when her toddler son was napping. The indie novel about a medical examiner being stalked through time by the same killer was named Runner-Up in the 2006 DIY Los Angeles Film Festival and was also optioned for a feature film. She went on to write “Shards of Summer,” which Ken Bruen calls “The Great Gatsby for the Beach Generation,” and “What Remained of Katrina: A Novel of New Orleans,” which was a Leapfrog Press Honorable Mention in fiction. Not one to be boxed in as a “genre writer,” Jameson also authored the romance story “To Tame a Rogue” and a collection of genre-defying short stories called “Desperate, Disturbed, Deraged, and Double-Lattéd.” Jameson graduated from Bloomsburg University with a double degree in Journalism and Anthropology. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her family. Obviously, she drinks too much coffee.

TwinStar is thrilled to welcome Kelly and “Z=mc2 into the TwinStar family.

TwinStar Media is a new media entertainment company with designs to bring you the best and most unique blend of products you love – music, novels, cookbooks, calendars, novellas, fiction, and non-fiction! Our products are primarily focused on horror (especially zombies) and science-fiction.

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  1. Sounds a blast ;), how could any one NOT sign a book with that title eh?!

  2. And the title is only the beginning of the deranged story! :)

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