PRESS RELEASE: TwinStar signs super-powered novel “The End of Superhero Man!”

TwinStar is excited to announce the signing of a new novel: “The End of Superhero Man” by Chris Welsh!

A brief synopsis of the story:

superhero_flying_across_skylineWhat happens when a super-hero loses what makes him “super?”

Superhero Man is living out his dream – or so he believes.  He has routine battles with The Supervillain (most of which he wins) in order to save The Girl (actually, a newly-cloned copy of The Girl for every battle).  In between the matches, Superhero Man exists idly in his secret lair (his apartment), living a fairly mundane life of snacks, alcohol, and relative solitude.  Financed and supported by the enigmatic SuperMaster, the fight between good and evil continues ever on between the pair, even if most of the people living in The City really couldn’t care less about them.

Life is good enough for our hero – until one fateful day, when his powers are stolen from him.  Yes, they are quite literally stolen: Superhero Man keeps his powers in separate Tupperware containers in his closet, and a mysterious someone has taken them, seemingly without warning or motive.  Now, the suddenly not-so-super super-hero must survive an increasingly-dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the shadowy thief.  As he fights to regain his lost prowess, he discovers more and more about the strange circumstances of how he became so special to begin with.

A mystery layered in irreverent humor and wrapped tightly in spandex, “The End of Superhero Man” eschews what you might typically expect from a heroes-versus-villains story and asks the real question: how many masks can a super-powered person wear?


About the author: Chris Welsh is a writer of no fixed genre, but he leans predominantly towards horror, mystery, and superhero fiction, with healthy doses of humour and suspense thrown in for good measure. He was born in the autumn of 1986 in Liverpool, England.  He sports a borderline-unhealthy love of horror films, resulting in a mild obsession with the Evil Dead franchise and anything else that tries to scare him; an arm covered with zombie tattoos serves as proof. He has been writing as a hobby for around six years; “The End of Superhero Man” will be his first published novel. When not writing, Chris likes to draw, paint, run, drink fancy rum, and devour B-movies. He is on Twitter as @C_W_Writes if you fancy discussing the merits of gore-filled films made in the ’80s.

TwinStar is thrilled to welcome Chris and “The End of Superhero Man“ into the TwinStar family.

TwinStar Media is a new media entertainment company with designs to bring you the best and most unique blend of products you love – music, novels, cookbooks, calendars, novellas, fiction, andnon-fiction! Our products are primarily focused on horror (especially zombies) and science-fiction.

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