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Cover art for “Before Plan 9″ anthology unveiled!

Hello TwinStar fans!  We are thrilled to unveil the cover art for the upcoming anthology “Before Plan 9: Plans 1-8 from Outer Space.”

The quick synopsis of the book, from the back-cover text:

Greetings, my friends – the Amazing Criswell here.  Anyone who is familiar with Ed Wood’s “classic” film Plan 9 from Outer Space knows that the sometimes-nefarious aliens and their ninth attempt to interact with humanity didn’t quite work out.  What we don’t know is this: what were the first eight Plans?  When did they happen?  What did they entail?  How and why did they fail?  This book, my friends, will answer those questions.

With serious and humorous stories spanning many time periods and genres, including science fiction, horror, noir, steampunk, and speculative fiction, “Before Plan 9″ boasts an impressive array of writing talent, including national and New York Times best-sellers and multiple literary award winners.  This collection is narrated by yours truly, the Amazing Criswell, as I offer you my sage words of wisdom and my unique presentation before each spectacular tale.

Use this tome, my friends, to learn when throughout history the aliens have had their influence, and perhaps it will help to prepare us for their next Plan.  If you don’t heed my warning and choose not to read this book, then God help you… in the future!

The book is planned for release in paperback and all eBook formats by on March 23, 2012.


  • Plan Zero from the Mesozoic Era by Tony Schaab
  • Plan 1 from the Lesser-Heralded Parts of The Odyssey by Patrick D’Orazio
  • Plan 2 from Ancient Egypt by D.A. Chaney
  • Plan 3 from the Middle Ages of Hamelin by Greg Carter
  • Plan 4 from the Clockwork Country by Tonia Brown
  • Plan 5 from the Depressing Depression by David Dunwoody
  • Plan 6 from the Nazi Regime by Rob Silvera
  • Plan 7 from Sin City by Jonathan Maberry
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 1 by Craig DiLouie
  • Plan 8 from the Fantastic Fifties, Phase 2 by Joe McKinney and Michael McCarty
  • Also included in the anthology as a special bonus will be the first chapter of the novelization of Plan 9 from Outer Space, by Tony Schaab.

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