Aaron Stoquert

Aaron Stoquert is a New York City folk artist performing songs about zombies and the emotions they might feel – a perspective of the undead and the world around them.

His debut EP release, “Run For Your Life,” has all five tracks voted in the Top 10 Best Zombie Songs on the Internet from ZombiEpoch.com. The music video for the song “Soft Skin” has been voted the #1 Best Zombie Music Video on the Internet also from ZombiEpoch.com.

Songs from “Run For Your Life” can be heard as the official theme music for Zombie Science 1Z (a traveling comedic lecture in the U.K. on the real science behind the undead) as well as in episodes of Zombie Go Boom! and The Great Dying. “Run For Your Life” is also featured in issue #8 of Australian horror magazine DECAY.

In October 2011, Stoquert released his first full-length album to critical acclaim, with SCARS magazine heralding it as “an 11-song masterpiece.” The album also features “The Front Lines” the official theme song for accomplished U.K. author Sean T. Page’s new book “War Against the Walking Dead.”

Aaron Stoquert lives in Brooklyn, NY, writing and recording music on a regular basis. Find out more at www.aaronstoquert.com.



“Remaining Days” full-length album

The follow-up to the “Run for Your Life” EP, this full-length album sees singer/songwriter Aaron Stoquert  continuing to perform songs about a zombie apocalypse while expanding his musical stylings with the backing of a full band.

Released 4 November 2011 by TwinStar Media

Recorded at Time To Operate Studios, part of Time To Operate Records, Brooklyn NY
Recording sessions: August – October 2011

Mixed by Ryan Dugan
Audio Engineer / Technician Eamonn McKiernan

All music and lyrics written by Aaron Stoquert

Performances by:
Aaron Stoquert – Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Krista Masino – Vocals
Max Campanie – Percussion, Drums
Cody Campanie – Bass
Jim Heffernan – Cello

“When I first heard the music of Aaron Stoquert I was reminded of the first time I listened to Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I was captivated by the haunting melodies that sounded like they were billowing out of the speaker of an old Victrola.” –SCARS Magazine

“Run for Your Life” 5-track EP

The debut from singer/songwriter Aaron Stoquert, this EP features songs telling the tale of a zombie apocalypse. “If Johnny Cash were to live through a zombie uprising, I’d imagine that he would make songs that sound similar to these.” (TheGOREScore.com)

Originally released 26 January 2011

Re-released by TwinStar Media 4 November 2011

Recorded at fiveOhfour entertainment, Sherrill, NY

Recordng sessions: January 21st – 25th 2011


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